Don’t Lose that Job Opportunity Just because of Bad Dressing Deciding what to you will wear for a job interview can be a very demanding. Your outfit for a job interview can be the difference between getting the job or never hearing back from the company again (we will get back to you, forever!).

So what should you wear to a job interview?  Here are some essential Dos and Don’ts to make sure your outfit won’t be a hindrance for you getting that new job!

DON’T under-dress

The quickest way to guarantee you won’t be hired for a job is by showing up under-dressed.  Even if you’re a top candidate, under-dressing makes you seem uninterested in the position and unprepared for the interview.  The interviewer will doubt your credibility just because you don’t look like a professional.

DON’T wear baggy clothes

Baggy clothes are signs or a way of saying that you’re embarrassed about yourself, or hiding something not worth showing about yourself. Baggy clothes also make you look untidy, and untidy clothing sends the message that you don’t care about your appearance, your job, your future, or otherwise.  And if the interviewer thinks so, you already know what that means?

DO make sure you wear a neatly ironed suit

If you want to be a top-gun, you need to dress smart and look presentable. A quick way to instantly improve your look is to remove all wrinkles from your outfit.  A wrinkle or two won’t ruin your chances of getting a job, but if your suit looks rumpled, chances of getting employed or hired are reduced. Being able to iron is a valuable skill that any professional should have in their repertoire.

DON’T wear sneakers or flip-flops

While I hope no one in their right mind would ever make this mistake, I actually figured it would be best to inform you that you WILL NOT be getting hired or employed if you show up to an interview in anything besides dress shoes. You should also make sure that your shoes are polished and clean.

Final Reminders

  • Don’t wear socks that don’t match your shoes
  • Make sure to match your belt with your shoes
  • ALWAYS tuck your shirt in
  • Cover up tattoos
  • Keep hair neat and in its natural color

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I hope that this article has provided you with helpful advice for how you should dress and look for your next interview? Don’t forget to share.

Best of luck in your next job interview

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