10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Taking Any Job In your pursuit of landing your dream job, you need to ask yourself this questions in order not to be in bondage as a job.

10 questions to ask before taking any job

I have had a lot of people approach me to say they need a job. When I ask some of them, “what kind”? The response is usually, “Any”. The truth is whatever you grudgingly settle for in your desperation will most likely drive you into deeper desperation.

Don’t just take up any job because you’re desperate, as you may very well be planning the murder and internment of your future happiness and growth.

Below are 10 questions you should ask yourself before taking any job. If your answers to these questions do not convince you, give yourself permission to keep moving. Don’t let desperation force you to settle for less.
• Do my personality, abilities and natural/learned inclinations fit this job?
• Why am I taking this job? If I had options will I still take it?
• Will this job challenge me, will I learn and will it make me better intellectually?
• Will this job take me nearer or farther from my long term career goals?
• What is at stake if I take this job? What sacrifices will I make and am I willing to make them?
• Are there opportunities for future growth on this job or in same/parallel industry?
• Will I be proud of this job?
• Will this job meet my basic needs either short term or midterm?
• Will this job and my personal values conflict?
• What is the reputation of my would-be employer?

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